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  • MONAT naturally-based salon quality hair products at a massive discount -- up to 50% (Value: Up to $1,300)
  • Access to 9 online marketing software services plus premiere blog hosting (Value: Over $1K per month)
  • Work with our online marketing team to help you build your team and sell products (Value: Over $19,000 per month)
  • My 20+ years of online marketing experience (Value: Priceless)
  • Instant access to our private Facebook group for 24/7 training and coaching (Value: Priceless)
  • Zoom video conference calls and for training and business strategy sessions (Value: Priceless)
  • MONAT's 30-Day 100% Money-Back Empty-Bottle Guarantee
30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide for any reason that this isn't for you, or you don't like the products, MONAT has a 100% money-back guarantee, including the distributorship fee, as long as you cancel within 30 days of enrollment. You can literally send back your empty bottles.
Meet the Team Members You'll Be Working With:

Valerie, Single Mom & Former IT Project Manager 
Phoenix, Arizona

"I am a single mom to 2 pre-teen girls. Until recently, I was a full-time IT Project Manager, which significantly reduced the time I was able to spend with my daughters.

I initially joined MONAT because the products gave me incredible hair growth after losing my hair due to hypothyroidism. The business model of MONAT has given me financial freedom and time freedom, which allows me to support my family working from home.

One of the unexpected benefits of this business is our team, which is full of kind, wonderful people with amazing skills. I’m learning so much!"

Kendra, Stay-at-Home Mom
Lake Tahoe, California

"I am a work-from-home mama, raising 2 boys. My husband and I are the owners of 2 local breweries. I have also been an esthetician and makeup artist for the past 20 years. I love to help people feel great about themselves.

I joined MONAT because I wanted more from life for myself and my family. Time and financial freedom are pretty important while raising my boys. When I was working as an esthetician and makeup artist, if I didn’t have someone on my table or in my chair, I didn't make money. Time is money and I want to work smarter, not harder. "

Kimberly, Publicist 
Reston, Virginia

"I am extremely passionate about health, and the ingredients in our food and body care products are important to me. After researching non-toxic, effective hair care and finding that most products fell short of my expectations, I was relieved to find MONAT -- it makes my hair look and feel great.

The business model and company behind these products are equally amazing! I am so excited to have found a community of like-minded people with whom I have locked arms with and work with as a team. I have found a sense of community with my team, and I’m so glad we can work together to reach our goals.

I have wanted to be in the beauty industry for a long time, and have found MONAT a great way to build a business from the ground up. I love the team atmosphere and the ability to make great money and great friends. I also love the fact that the family of owners came from socialist Venezula. I am a devout capitalist and I am excited to support MONAT's efforts to build livelihoods for thousands of people.

I am also motivated by the amazing products: my husband is experiencing hair loss. He is diligently using the products, and he got a compliment this week from his older brother: "Your hair looks amazing, what are you doing? It has never looked so good!" 

Leah, Freelance Copywriter
Sunnyvale, California

"My background is in engineering, but I’ve been doing freelance copywriting for the past decade. I was a single mom for about 6 years, and a flexible schedule is very important so I can be available for my son. If I worked in engineering, I would be away from home a minimum of 60 hours a week and my son would be neglected. I decided my son was more important than my career. 

Since I joined this team, I’ve received so much more than money. I’ve made close friends, learned how to break through personal barriers to build financial freedom, and I’ve learned what real teamwork is. Within 5 months I’ve almost replaced my copywriting income, and next I will work to replace my husband’s income."

Amy, Registered Nurse in the Operating Room
San Jose, California

"I joined MONAT because I have several BIG, BIG dreams that I NEED to accomplish and I believe MONAT is the doorway in unlocking those dreams. Dreams that include traveling and creating a secure and comfortable environment for the family I will have in my future. 

There are many reasons I love MONAT. As I dig deeper in the business, I start to see how my dreams are becoming a reality. Not only am I seeing financial success, I am seeing myself personally grow into a woman I always wanted to be: confident and fearless. I also love working with my team members: as my business grows, so do the bonds of friendships. Now they are like my family!"


Heather, Client Monitoring Associate in Clinical Trials & Drug Research
Nashville, Tennessee

"I'm an active duty military spouse and we have two beautiful girls. Between my husband's career and constantly moving around I left medical school, putting my career on hold, so I could focus on my girls spend time at home when my husband is deployed. 

I originally joined MONAT to take advantage of the awesome discount on the products but I quickly realized what a great business opportunity it is. I can devote as much or as little time as I have and make money on the side to help my family. It's perfect for me! My goal is to earn enough income to pay half the bills so we can save for future family vacations and build our dream house."

Judy, Owner of Online Health Food Store
Orange County, California

"I’ve made major changes in my career, starting out as an engineer to now running an online non-GMO grocery store. This came about as a result of my research on auto-immune diseases, allergies and working to help my daughter heal. Using clean products is on the forefront of my mind when shopping.

It’s interesting how life takes us down certain paths… I had no intention to ever sell or even use the MONAT products… I thought I had my haircare all figured out. When I saw what MONAT did for a couple of my friends, I was impressed on how well it worked. Still, I never tried it.

Just this year, it was at a convention that I met one of the first bloggers that I started learning about food allergies from, Ann Marie. She introduced me to MONAT… and then I tried it myself. Loved it! Now it’s added to my repertoire of products that I love and  recommend to others without all the toxic chemicals that are in hair care."

Wendy, Stay-at-Home Mom
San Francisco, California

"I am a stay-at-home-mom of two kids in San Francisco. MONAT is my side hustle that allows me to own a business on my schedule while being present as a mom and wife. Most importantly, I love my MONAT products and want to spread the word to as many people as I can. These are safe, non-toxic products that make my hair feel and look good!"

Rene, Stay-at-Home Mom
Nashville, Tennessee

"I am a work-from-home mom because I have 2 kids and I prioritize them over my income. Among the things I love and pursue are music business, songwriting, doula work, and writing. I also love to work with youth and adults struggling with substance abuse and would like to become a foster mom.

I NEEDED the products: my scalp was constantly itching. Nothing I used helped or healed me, until MONAT. Our products are a natural solution to a big problem and they are changing people's hair and changing their lives.

This team -- and this company -- is a family! I have a sense of belonging, community and support. I began making money right away, which is very encouraging. I love that I can make money while being there for my young boys."

Rachel, Director of Operations
Monument, Colorado

"I was not looking for another thing to do, but MONAT found me! I am a huge proponent of natural products, so at first I fell in love with the MONAT hair care product line. My whole family saw results pretty quickly.

I realized that everyone needs this product and that it could really help a lot of people. I also realized that MONAT could help me achieve goals and dreams that I have including true financial freedom for my whole family, time freedom, and the ability to focus on the things that are real priorities for me.

What I love about MONAT is the ability to help people. I am shocked at how easy it is to talk about MONAT, and how receptive people are to learning about it. I have never once felt like a salesperson. Almost everyone can benefit from using MONAT, but there are some people who truly need it. I have had the privilege of helping several people with serious hair and scalp issues find the answer they had been praying for  -- with MONAT!"


Lara, TV Producer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I’ve worked as a writer and television producer in the endless hamster wheel of daily television for more than a decade. On paper, it was a dream job but I found myself working up to 80 hours a week without overtime and was away from my little boy for long periods of time.

Although I was an award-winning contributor who never missed a day of work, I was replaced by an intern at a fraction of my salary. I was left with no savings, no pension. Unable to provide for my family. Loyalty, hard work and excellence mattered little in an industry that that valued youth and the bottom line.  

I found MONAT when Ann Marie Michaels posted about these amazing products. I’ve suffered from chronic scalp irritation and hair loss for years so I was excited to find something that would make my hair look beautiful without toxic chemicals.

More importantly, I’ve always dreamed of being my own boss and making my own schedule so I jumped at the chance to work alongside one of my best friends. After years in a cut-throat, male dominated industry, I finally get to work with a dream team of kick-ass females who I help to empower and celebrate success with on a daily basis.

Alicia, Makeup Artist & Hairstylist 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I am a single mom to 5-year-old boy. After working in the beauty industry for years I was excited to find a natural product that makes my hair and my clients' hair look and feel great.

I first signed up with MONAT as a VIP customer, but after 2 weeks I could see a real difference in my hair, and realized what a great business opportunity this is. I love that I can I can earn an income from home that is related to my current career but allows me to spend more time with my son. 

I’ve seen so many benefits from MONAT: Good hair! Longer, faster growing, healthier hair. It's what all my clients want. I’m seeing hair grow in on my eyebrows -- they haven't grown in years!"

CarlaMarie, Full-time MONAT Independent Market Partner
Longwood, Florida

"I spent more than a decade of my life working my way up the corporate ladder, constantly met with conflict and competitive people. It was an endless cycle that played out in the jobs I took throughout the country, always hoping for a better way.

I spent a lot of time researching different business model options, and I became very interested in network marketing. I wanted to join, but how could I know how to find the right company or the right team? When my friend approached me with MONAT, I knew immediately that this was the right opportunity for me.

I love that MONAT provides me the opportunity to stay home and spend time with my husband, who is my best friend. I met the man of my dreams MANY years later than planned, so we love to spend as much time together as we can. I used to commute four hours per day to a job where I would work for 12 hours -- I had no time to spend with my husband!

Now we are free. We can move anywhere because I am no longer tied to an office. For the first time in my life, I am finally about to think about having a baby! MONAT has made all of this possible.  I used to be a slave to my job.  
Not anymore!"

Annette,Certified Functional Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian
Arlington, Texas

"I joined MONAT because the products are non-toxic and they actually work. My mission is to help people live their lives well which means getting rid of toxins so they can feel better, live longer and have financial freedom.

With financial freedom, we are able to use our gifts to make this world a better place. I've used only non-toxic products for the past 15 years, but I've never found anything that works as well as MONAT. I am a total amateur when it comes to hair, but with MONAT, my hair looks good with or without styling tools.

I also love the business model: not only are the products natural and effective, it’s a necessary consumable product that people buy over and over again. The compensation plan is one of the best I've seen, so the income potential is great. And the best part is the amazing team of people who support me. It's more than just a business -- it's a tribe!"

Michelle, Owner, Mother Culture Yogurt 
San Antonio, Texas

"I joined MONAT because who wouldn’t want to work with AnnMarie Michaels?! Also because our financial needs had never been so dire since having a baby with special needs and a husband out of work for over a year. I never thought I could make substantial income AND have the best hair of my life.

 I love MONAT because of the team-building business model: we need each other to make money and we must work together to meet our goals. I feel very blessed to be on this team in particular because of the sisterhood! The incentives and trips are also amazing."


Kristi, Registered Nurse and Stay-at-Home-Mom  
Bandera, Texas

"i live in the Texas Hill Country and have been a registered nurse for 20 years. My favorite and most important job, however, is being a stay-at-home mom to my baby girl. I joined MONAT so I could continue to stay at home while supplementing my husband's income.

I battled depression for over 10 years, and as a result I became very aware of the importance of natural products. I have researched and learned about natural wellness and healing, which is one reason why I love MONAT products. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

I also love working on this team -- everyone is so supportive and helpful!"

Rebekah, Stay-at-Home-Mom and Blogger 
Frisco, Texas

"I’m a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler with six children. 

I joined MONAT to have the flexibility of earning an income while being with my kids.
After trying many “clean ingredient” haircare brands that left me disappointed, I was in love with MONAT after the first use! 

Every MONAT product I’ve tried has been amazing and I love having non-toxic products for my family -- everyone can have the styles they want while preserving their health and hormone balances."

Jeni, Former Massage Therapist, Full-time Mom
LaConner, Washington 

"I joined MONAT because I need additional income to help support my 2 adopted children who were born with Down syndrome.

Their multitude of doctor and therapy appointments, school meetings, surgeries and intensives are a full time job. I am not able to work a conventional job, but MONAT gives me the opportunity to generate income for my family wherever I have cell service."

Katie, College Student

"I’m a full-time student with a background in healthcare and nutrition. I joined MONAT to relieve time pressure. Life was slipping by while I worked and studied full time.

I'm loving that my hair is thicker, fuller, and longer, but the best benefit of joining this business is my own personal growth, and how many new friends have come into my life. I love being able to share confidence, self love, and wealth potential with others."

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide for any reason that this isn't for you, or you don't like the products, MONAT has a 100% money-back guarantee, including the distributorship fee, as long as you cancel within 30 days of enrollment. You can literally send back your empty bottles.
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